Spiritual Healing - natural, non-invasive & holistic

Spiritual healing restores the balance of the mind, body and spirit. It is a natural, non-invasive, holistic approach that has the intention of promoting self-healing to bring a sense of well being. It is the stilling of ones-self to find the universal source of peace and love.

If you are tired, have no energy, feel muddled or negative....

If your mind, body and spirit need balance and harmonising, and you would like a period of inner peace...

If you would like clarity of mind and wisdom of thought...

If you simply need a boost...

Spiritual healing could help you

How the body works

The body has at its disposal the energy it generates - let’s call this 100%. 75% of this energy is needed to run the body, and the remaining 25% is available to energise anything, but we can obviously only use it once.

If we are very depressed then we then get angry the body has a problem, as it uses the surplus 25% to energise the depression, and there is no energy left to energise the anger. But the body cannot switch off the anger, as this is your choice - so it takes energy from the store that would normally be used to run the body.

So a person who is always depressed, stressed, angry or upset, will find negative physical symptons manifesting in their body, as the body does not have sufficient energy to keep it healthy and balanced. They become tired, irritable, and anxious - and if no changes are made, they become ill.

The mind supplies food for the cells of the body so a disturbed mind will supply disturbed food - causing a disturbed, diseased body.

Every thought creates a physical reaction. Thought affects all the functions of the body. Worry thoughts trigger changes in the stomach that can lead to ulcers. Angry thoughts send more adrenaline into the body causing changes. Anxiety and Fear thoughts affect the pulse rate and upset the bodily functions.

Listen to your body and look after it.