“I started seeing Chris in November 2006, when I was really in need of some help and support. I knew Chris through my local Spiritual Healing Group at Binfield.

Chris kindly offered to help me - I felt and still feel fortunate that he offered. Chris is a kind man who has a talent which few people possess. He is able to relax and calm people in seconds, just through his voice and words.

Through seeing Chris, I am a more positive person. He has shown me the strong connection between the mind and the body, and made me look at things in a different way. His ideas and beliefs just make sense, but I would never have seen them without his vision and direction. He has improved my self-esteem and confidence hugely, and given me the courage to move forward with less anxiety and fear for the future. He has given me tools and techniques which are particularly helpful when having ME, but can be used in all aspects of my life.

The therapy he used involves commitment on my part, but the rewards outweigh the efforts needed. It is like any form of teaching - however good the teacher is, the student must put in the effort to achieve the best results.

Deep relaxation / meditation helps clarify feelings to help address worries and concerns. When in this relaxed state, Chris looked at my thought patterns, and where necessary replaced them with more positive ones.”

R. Cleverley

“After many months of pain in my right foot, which neither conventional medicine nor alternative therapies could heal, I contacted Chris to ask him if I could find out if it was linked to a past life. While experiencing one of my past lives, I was running for help, and got my right foot caught, beneath a fallen tree trunk, which twisted and damaged my step, producing exactly the same pain I was experiencing in this life. Chris helped me to understand the significance of what had happened, and how to deal with it.

I returned for a Chris for a “Life between Lives” session, which illuminated my future path, and gave me an holistic overview of where I had been, and how it contributed to how I am now. It brought clarity and great peace of mind - and I am grateful to Chris for that.”

V. Nowroz

“Chris made me very relaxed and welcome, and fully explained the process of how he would help me stop smoking, before starting the Hypnotherapy part of the session. When I was under hypnosis I was still in complete control of my thoughts and body, and could have stopped at any time. Chris talked directly to my sub-conscious, to establish the underlying cause of my smoking, and to correct the underlying patterns of behaviour that were causing me to go back to it. It was a strange but comforting experience to be able to be totally relaxed, but at the same time open, honest, and able to communicate my feelings.

After the session, it took me a little time to get my bearings and come back to full consciousness, but when I did, I felt very empowered and confident. I felt every breath fill me with strength and energy, and a few weeks on, I have not smoked - and haven’t wanted to.

I would thoroughly recommend Chris and his methods to anyone, and can only thank him for the amazing difference he has made to my life.”

R. Miles