Approximately 90% of the decisions we make every day are programmed subconscious decisions influenced by past experiences in this life or former lives, habitual decisions.

We have heard people say, and have probably said ourselves, “I always do this”, or “It’s just me”, or “I don’t really want to be like that, but it’s how I’ve always been.” It’s as if we’ve come out of a mould and had no choice.

And people say “I’m never assertive”, “I’ll never be any good”. How depressing this can be.

I believe that we have choices, and we can be who we want to be, however long we’ve been who we don’t want to be.

Hypnotherapy can be used in many ways to inform, educate and change.


This life, past lives, between lives.

Does this mean the soul is the real us but the physical body changes from life to life? Can I access past lives? Can I go back to experiences in this life?

Very interesting. I wonder...

Clinical Hypnotherapy

The first step is to take responsibility for all aspects of your existence. Understand that everything that happens to you - good or bad - you attract like a magnet. No body or situation can control you unless you allow it. Think love and you will attract it. Think creativity and you will attract it. Think good health and you will manifest it. Think anger and you will attract it. Think it is hopeless, and it will be.

We make our own reality. Our thoughts create this.

If I think I can - I can
If I think I can’t - I can't
If I think I am not - I am not
I am always right

Medical Hypnotherapy

Feelings that manifest in the body are created, in most cases, by the mind. Conventional medicine usually looks at and treats the symptoms and not the cause. i.e They give you a drug to treat a headache, rather than looking at why you have a headache in the first place. Consequently, once the drug has worn off, the symptoms are likely to return. A situation of continuous medication follows, with any side effects caused by the medication.

Hypnotherapy can look into the mind, and can usually find the cause that has unbalanced the body.

A contented mind. A contented body.